• Amber Carrington Gouge


Where to start? Molly & Brendan are hands down two of the sweetest individuals I know. Brendan and Aaron, my husband, play basketball together. Molly and I became friends sitting at the gym watching our fellas play. If I were to use words to describe Molly & Brendan, what comes to mind is KIND and GENUINE. Both of them are so kind to everyone the meet. Both of them are genuine in their personalities and how much they care for others. When I learned they were expecting, tears came to my eyes. I am so grateful for Miss Laney. I am grateful for her healthy entrance into this world, and I am stoked to see her grow up. This session was very candid and full of emotion. I cannot lie to you guys, I definitely shed some tears during this one. Welcome to the world Miss. Laney, we are all better now that you are in it!


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