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Last month I had the opportunity to document an amazing weekend. The DK3 Tournament rolls around every June here in Dallas, TX. What I love most about this tournament is that it brings individuals together. Veterans, college athletes, Paralympians, and CrossFit athletes come together to play this sport, raise awareness to the adaptive movement, and encourage relationships. David Kiley, known as the King of Wheelchair Basketball, hosts this event every year. This year Per4Max Wheelchairs stood frontline as their sponsor. You cannot beat the merging of this tournament with the best wheelchair manufacture in the industry. To top it off, P4X celebrated TWENTY YEARS in the making this same weekend. I am grateful for the opportunity to be on the sidelines of such an impactful weekend. Thank you P4X, David Kiley, and all of the individuals who make this event such a success. Here's looking to 2020!

Kiley says  “I don’t want to be just on the take, I have to give back, I love to give back and want to leave a wheel print on our sport and in life.”

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